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We offer a wide range of classes to honor your needs and interests. Our classes vary in length from 4 hours, to a full day and even a two-day workshop. We are thrilled to be of service to you and look forward to connecting at a class with you soon!

A-Ha! Moments

A-Ha! Moments with Brook

Healing & Awakening in the Heart of Community

Come for a beautiful evening of healing, meditation, and teachings based on your needs as an individual and as a community. This event is a wonderful introduction to working with Brook, as she blends the energies of all exemplifying true community. In doing so, she illuminates challenges and ideals within the consciousness of each individual, showing how these can affect our daily life, allowing us to move in a more expansive and awakened state.

Joyous Impeccability & Responsibility

The Teaching You Wish Your Parents Gave You!

This evening’s class is a must for you if the title triggered you in any way! We are programmed early to put so much pressure on ourselves around being impeccable and responsible, that instead of feeling freed by the spiritual teaching that we are 100% responsible for our reality, it creates more pressure and dread within us. This class will give you the tools to get you out of that loop!

Advanced Neuroplasticity

Experience the Power of Your True Magnificence!

The energetic downloads for this class are phenomenal as Brook will share her personal journey and tools that she used to transform her own brain from being considered autistic, to balanced and brilliant. During this intimate class, Brook, from a state of rapid expansion and true vulnerability, will introduce a harmony of practical, scientific and spiritual techniques to help you truly expand your awareness and brain function into a higher and more intelligent consciousness.

Advanced Vortex Training

A Powerful Transformation Tool for Personal Work and Global Service

Vortex work takes great discernment and integrity. It is a way to move energy so that it can hold a powerful space that can serve a number of functions. In this class you will learn to create vortices (or vortexes) for personal work and development, as well as with a specific intention for rooms and buildings. You will learn the how to and why's of vortex work through creating them and connecting with vortices found all over our planet and beyond.

Embracing Your Psychic Abilities

Proficiency Training in Awakening & Understanding Your Gifts

We are all waking up at greater rates right now, and Embracing-Psychic-Abilitiespeople that have never given a second thought to psychic ability, are now starting to see and hear things. This can be fun like seeing 11:11 consistently when looking at the clock, to sensing future events, and everything in-between. However, this can also be overwhelming, confusing, and even scary at times. Know that you are not alone, and this class is designed to help you better understand and find harmony with your abilities.

Courageous Living

Saying Yes to Your Soul and Your Life!

It’s amazing the kind of situations we create for ourselves when we are not facing our truth. Most of the time we don’t even know we’ve done this because we have long since stopped listening to our heart. Here are some important questions to ponder...These are a few of the questions that we will be delving into in this life-changing and empowering evening together. Brook will open a vortex for clarity and courageous transformation, to remove the blinders and confusion that we create within ourselves to separate us from our own Soul’s glorious light.

Brain Activation

An Evening of Expansion, Awakening and Empowerment

The importance of our magnificent brain is becoming very clear as we awaken to the truth of fully being. In this glorious evening, come and participate in the awakening of your own deep and brilliant light.And as a special gift, you will also receive training in diksha from the lineage of Sai Maa, which you can offer to others as well as use on yourself. We look forward to expanding the light and awareness with you in this class.

Expanding Your Awareness

A 1-Day Intensive in Awareness and Soul Immersion

In a relaxed and comfortable group gathering, Brook will hold a powerful space, creating the opportunity for you to radically shift and ignite your own expanded awareness and intuitive connection. Playing with different tools and techniques, you will learn easy and fun ways to transform emotional blocks and habitual patterned thinking, awakening new perspectives and accessing new levels of light within yourself. Not only will you leave the day lighter, more grounded, and with a greater depth of inner peace.


Healing & Awakening in the Heart of Community

Not so long ago scientists believed that the brain did not change after childhood, that it was hardwired and fixed by the time we became adults. Recent advances in the last decade, now tell us this simply is not true. Our amazing brains can and do change throughout our lives, in fact they are incredibly adaptable similar to plastic. We can literally re-wire our brains by forming new connections and weakening old ones. This is called neuroplasticity.

Peek-A-Boo with God

A Walking Field Trip Playing with the Divine

Join Brook on a magical fieldtrip through your own city or town! Spend the afternoon playing with your own Soul, connecting to the Divine, noticing miracles and serendipity in everything. During this fun and inspiring time together, Brook will work on opening areas of your brain, specifically your psychic centers, to help you expand your light even further, so you are able to play with God this way for the rest of your life. This just might be the most entertaining class to develop psychic abilities, open your heart chakra, and burn a few calories, ever!

Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Opening the Door to Personal Transformation

Traditionally prepared ceremonial cacao is a magical and sacred concoction. It is not at all like drinking a regular cup of hot chocolate. It’s a strong and powerful drink, mixed with spices, to awaken the energetic properties of cacao. Brook was offered this ancient recipe when she worked with shamans in South America. She prepares it with special blessings and prayers offered up to Yolotl Etzli, the spirit of the plant itself.

Sacred Heart – Divine Mind

Creating and Manifesting from a State of Oneness

Traditionally, in most spiritual practices, the emphasis has been on either opening the heart or awakening the mind. We actually need to have both fully activated and working together for high-level manifestation and awareness to be realized. Spend an evening with Brook as we connect both of these and what is referred to as the Soul focus point for instant manifestation and actualization.

Free Healers Meditation for Overflowing Energy

Listen to Brook’s teachings on why we sometimes feel depleted when working or interacting with others and a powerful meditation to make sure you always have more than enough energy to be of the best service possible!

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