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We are a group of devoted and passionate people whose aim is assisting others to transform their lives into a state of empowered and joyful living. We offer a wide range of classes and retreats that allow you to dig deep and clear core issues to awaken your birthright of authentic being. We believe in a holistic approach to healing, focusing on all body systems, the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, for a whole, balanced, and integrated state of wellness. We are dedicated to creating spiritual community honoring the vast gifts that we all share in supporting global change and exploring the mysteries of this amazing life. Our deep love of transformation and healing is evident in the dedication to the education of holistic healing for the general public as well as offering and partaking in community projects. We invite you to come, explore, be nurtured, and co-create your new way of living, healing and being of service from an exuberant, joyful and playful state.



The Moon Cycles – Aligning Yourself for Phenomenal Results

We have all heard the term that we are made of stardust, yet how many of us truly understand what that means or how it...

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Delight (Spanda-Sacred Tremor of the Heart)

Delight (Spanda-Sacred Tremor of the Heart)

It is all around us. We see it light up a child’s eyes with wonder. It can be heard in the wind rustling playfully through the trees or...

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The Gift of Silence Especially with a Hectic Schedule

The Gift of Silence Especially with a Hectic Schedule

If you are constantly talking, where is there time to hear God? To be with your Soul? I really learned this about 3 years ago. This is...

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June 2016 – A Simple Practice to End Pulling Energy From Others

In this A-Ha! Moments excerpt Brook Still shares simple practices to stop pulling energy from others creating a balance of giving and...

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February 2016 – Why We Choose Pain Instead of Joy in Connection

Brook Still explores our addiction to sensation and our trained habitual response to connecting through pain instead of choosing to connect through...

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April 2016 – Understanding How to Heal Through Forgiveness

Brook Still discusses forgiveness and what happens when one chooses not to forgive, how this creates victim energy and how to shift this...

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A-Ha! Moments with Brook

Healing & Awakening in the Heart of Community

Come for a beautiful evening of healing, meditation, and teachings based on your needs as an individual and as a community. This event is a wonderful introduction to working with Brook, as she blends the energies of all exemplifying true community. In doing so, she illuminates challenges and ideals within the consciousness of each individual, showing how these can affect our daily life, allowing us to move in a more expansive and awakened state.

Joyous Impeccability & Responsibility

The Teaching You Wish Your Parents Gave You!

This evening’s class is a must for you if the title triggered you in any way! We are programmed early to put so much pressure on ourselves around being impeccable and responsible, that instead of feeling freed by the spiritual teaching that we are 100% responsible for our reality, it creates more pressure and dread within us. This class will give you the tools to get you out of that loop!


Sacred Heart – Divine Mind

Creating and Manifesting from a State of Oneness

Traditionally, in most spiritual practices, the emphasis has been on either opening the heart or awakening the mind. We actually need to have both fully activated and working together for high-level manifestation and awareness to be realized. Spend an evening with Brook as we connect both of these and what is referred to as the Soul focus point for instant manifestation and actualization. Marvel in how easy it is to dive into the energy of manifesting for others and ourselves, as we take our attention deeper into understanding the power of true gratitude, surrender, and peace.

Advanced Neuroplasticity

Experience the Power of Your True Magnificence!

The energetic downloads for this class are phenomenal as Brook will share her personal journey and tools that she used to transform her own brain from being considered autistic, to balanced and brilliant. During this intimate class, Brook, from a state of rapid expansion and true vulnerability, will introduce a harmony of practical, scientific and spiritual techniques to help you truly expand your awareness and brain function into a higher and more intelligent consciousness. Get in-depth training on how to re-wire your brain and shift your neuropathways with stunning results as you drop old habits and ways of thinking that you may have been stuck in in for years. Delve into the science behind the how’s and why’s of your brains functionality and get a breakdown of how to bio-hack your brain using supplements that Brook uses for amazing results.




Free Healers Meditation for Overflowing Energy

Listen to Brook’s teachings on why we sometimes feel depleted when working or interacting with others and a powerful meditation to make sure you always have more than enough energy to be of the best service possible!

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